One-In-Teen Expansion


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As One-In-Teen Nashville continues to grow and expand it is our goal to eventually have One-In-Teen branch off and become a chain of sorts to accommodate those youth who are unable to make it to One-In-Teen Nashville because of lack of transportation or because the distance is too far or for whatever reason there may be and to give them the chance to experience the support group environment that the members of One-In-Teen share. Current expansion plans include a branch in Clarksville and other areas that have not gone past the planning stages as of yet. Most of Nashville's group members come from in and around Nashville with only a few coming from farther distances, with the expansion program One-In-Teen hopes to outreach to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and those youth that are still questioning their sexuality and give them a place to come to feel safe and to talk about their problems and to find that they are not alone and at a place that isn't all that far from home.

The expansion program had included a branch in Clarksville and a few meetings actually happened but due to low participation and the fact that the group needed more planning the Clarksville branch was put on hold indefinitely.

More information on the expansion program will be posted here when it becomes available.