Grievance Procedure

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The Grievance Procedure provides youth members and volunteers a forum to resolve conflicts and problems. If a participant or potential participant of a One-In-Teen Youth Services program has a problem, does not agree with, or takes exception to a decision made or action taken by a sponsor, adult volunteer, or youth member the participant has the opportunity to grieve that action.

The first person the participant should speak with is the sponsor, adult volunteer, or youth member the person has had the disagreement with. The participant should attempt to resolve a disagreement or conflict on an individual basis.

If talking with this person does not settle the problem, the participant should then address the concern in written form to a sponsor. If the participant needs assistance in filing the grievance a One-In-Teen sponsor can be contacted to guide the participant through the process. The sponsor receiving the grievance will arrange for a sponsor’s meeting (staff council or program steering committee) to hear the grievance and take the necessary steps to bring about a resolution to the grievance.

If the original grievance is not resolved within ten (10) days, the participant may address the grievance to the One-In-Teen Youth Services Board of Directors.