One-In-Teen Youth Services

Youth Member Agreement

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I acknowledge and agree that:

I understand that membership and attendance of One-In-Teen meetings is limited to persons between the ages of 13 and 22 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgenderal, or unsure of their sexual orientation.

I understand that other persons must request permission to attend meetings in advance.

I will arrive on time for One-In-Teen meetings that begin at 6:30. If I need to be late, I will come in quietly. I will wait until the smoke break at approximately 7:30 to depart, if I am required to leave before the group meeting ends at 8:30.

I understand that attendance at One-In-Teen meetings is confidential and I will not disclose the identity of any member or person attending One-In-Teen meetings without that person's prior permission.

I understand that discussions during One-In-Teen meetings are confidential and I will not discuss the specific content of any meeting.

I will help create a supportive atmosphere where members will feel safe and comfortable to attend.

I will not participate in One-In-Teen sponsored events or come onto the Community Center property while under the influence of
alcohol or drugs.

I understand that I am expected to show respect to other members by not interrupting them with comments and side discussions when they are speaking. Similarly, I expect others to show me the same courtesy when I am speaking. To show my respect for the other members, I will maintain honest communications while participating in One-In-Teen activities.

I understand that One-In-Teen has a grievance procedure to assist in the resolution of conflicts. If I have a problem with a group member or sponsor which I cannot personally resolve, I have the right to have a sponsor assist me in the grievance procedure.

I understand that One-In-Teen does not endorse attendance at bars by those under the legal age. I will not discuss attending a bar unless it is specifically relevant to issues that I need to share with the group.

I understand that I will not be able to date One-In-Teen sponsors or adult volunteers.

I will not engage in aggressive or offensive flirting at One-In-Teen sponsored events.

I understand that I may be asked not to return to One-In-Teen activities, if I do not keep this agreement.

I have read, understand and will abide by this agreement.



Name: __________________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________ Age: _______

Emergency Name & Phone Number: ______________________________________________________

As a sponsor and a representative of One-In-Teen Youth Services, I have discussed this agreement form with the person who has signed above and agree to keep this information confidential.


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