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The Wood Scholarship Endowment for the Arts.

One-In-Teen Youth Services, Inc. is pleased to announced the creation of the Wood Scholarship Endowment for the Arts. Wood serves as an acronym for "Widening Our Opportunities for Development." The scholarship will serve as a lasting memorial to Mr. Daniel J. Wood who died in March 1995. The endowment was created by Wood's longtime friends Carlton Cornett and DeWayne Fulton to commemorate his love of music and to offer young gay men and lesbians the opportunity to pursue an education in music or the arts. Income from the endowment will be used to fund annual scholarship awards to gay and lesbian students beginning in 1997. "We wanted to create a memorial for Dan that would embody his love of music," Cornett states. "Working with One-In-Teen allows us to do that and to simultaneously benefit young members of our community who have the potential to enrich the world with their artistic talents," Fulton adds.

The endowment trust was founded by donations from friends of Mr. Wood who hope to see the trust grow. Donations can be made to "Wood Scholarship Endowment Trustees, c/o One-In-Teen Youth Services, Inc." All donations to One-In-Teen for this project are tax-deductible. The endowment will be managed by a board of trustees. The scholarship funds will be awarded to one or more clients served by One-In-Teen Youth Services, Inc. who are pursuing post-secondary education in music or the arts. One-In-Teen hopes that this endowment is the first of many such scholarship opportunities that it will be able to offer to young gays and lesbians.

One-In-Teen Youth Services. Inc., a Nashville-based organization, has provided support, educational, and recreational activities to the sexual minority youth population (ages 14-22 years old) in Middle Tennessee for over 5 years. One-In-Teen Youth Services is a Tennessee non-profit corporation and qualifies for tax deductible donations as defined under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are fully deductible under the guidelines published by the Internal Revenue Service.

Program Description

The purpose of the scholarship endowment is to provide financial assistance to lesbian and gay youth furthering their education by pursuing a degree at a post-secondary educational institution. Scholarships would be restricted to applicants that have been a client/participant served by One-In-Teen Youth Services for a minimum of one (1) year at the time of application or when first awarded the scholarship, if the application is for renewal of an award.

The requirements to eligible for an award from the Wood Scholarship Endowment for the Arts are that applicants must be pursuing a post high school education and have been served by One-In-Teen within the last twelve months. Any young person that has participated in any of the One-In-Teen program within the last twelve months and is pursuing a post-secondary education in the fields of the musical arts or other arts are
eligible to apply for the Wood Endowment Scholarship for the

The scholarship endowment trustees will review the following criteria for evaluating scholarship applications and selecting the scholarship recipients.

     a. Academic record: reported by High School transcript, GED training record, or other reliable sources.

     b. Extracurricular activities: self-reported with the option to request documentation.

     c. Financial need: self-reported with the option to request documentation.

     d. Letters of recommendation: limited to 3 from teachers, community leaders, professionals, and others with             knowledge of the applicants ability to succeed in their educational choice. Letters of recommendation from             One-In-Teen board members, sponsors, volunteer staff (sponsors), and scholarship trustees will not be             permitted to be included in the application.

     e. One-In-Teen Program participation: self-reported with the option to request documentation.

     f. Written essay: A written expression of the applicant's educational plans and life goals.

     g. Submission of musical/artist ability: An audio tape, video tape, photographs, or other media that provides            examples of the applicant's musical/artist ability. This criteria would probably used only for the Wood             Endowment Scholarship for the Arts and not used for other scholarship that might be developed.


Scholarship recipients will be required to provide the scholarship trustees an official copy of their transcript following each semester or quarter that the recipient receives educational support from the scholarship trust. Should the scholarship trustees discover that awarded scholarships funds were misused, the recipient would be required to repay the funds that were misused before being eligible for further scholarship awards. If the recipient that misuses awarded scholarships funds was not interested in further scholarship eligible, the trustees would consider the amount misused and the circumstances involved before deciding to require that the misused funds be repaid.

Immediate family of the scholarship endowment trustees will not be eligible to be a scholarship recipient. Also, immediate family of the One-In-Teen Youth Services Board of Directors will not be eligible to be a scholarship recipient.

If you have any questions about the Wood Scholarship for the Arts
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