Information On Gay/Lesbian Youth Issues

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An American Psychological Association Statement on Homosexuality - from the Spectrum site

Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality - from the Spectrum site

Before Coming Out to Your Parents - from the PFLAG Site

Can We Understand? A Guide for Parents - created by PFLAG of New York

Creating Safe Schools for Lesbian and Gay Students - developed by Youth Pride, Inc.

Does It Matter? A Poem by a High School Student - from The Spectrum Site

The Heterosexual Questionnaire - by Martin Rochlin, Ph.D.

Homosexuality: Common Questions and Statements Addressed - written by C. Ann Shepherd

I might be gay, what do I do? - from the Youth Action Online site

I might be a lesbian, what do I do? - from the Youth Action Online site

Suggested Reading for Gay and Lesbian Youth and Their Families - from One-In-Teen Youth Services

Safe Schools Program for Gay and Lesbian Students - Massachusetts Board of education

School Shouldn't Hurt: RI Safe School Report - Rhode Island Task Force on GLBT Youth

Stopping Anti-Gay Abuse of Students in Public Schools - Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund

  Textbook Omissions: A Poster for GLB Youth - from GLAAD San Francisco Bay Area

U.S. Supreme Court Colorado Amendment 2 Decision - from University of Alabama Alliance site

Watching Out For Yourself in On-Line Relationships - from National Coalition for GLB Youth

  What Are Young Gay Men's HIV Protection Need? - from Center for AIDS Prevention Studies